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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ashton's firsts

I was sitting here thinking about all of Ashton's firsts: first experiences, birthday, foods, toys, laughs, steps, but most recently his first haircut.  Though I have been having headaches lately (an unusual thing for me), Alan and I took Ashton to get his first haircut.  He went from looking like a baby to a little boy almost instantly.  He sat in the chair really still for a 13 month old and only cried a little.  I did give him his binky so he would feel a little more comforted.  The stylist, Gaylynn Geiss, has done my hair for several years so she was the natural choice to give Ashton his first haircut.  She cut his hair in about 6 minutes!  It amazed me that she could cut his hair so fast.  I guess she has had a lot of practice cutting baby hair and wiggly children.  I must say I was proud of my boy for acting so big for a little guy!


  1. He looks SOOOO cute! Can't believe how big he's gotten. A year sure makes a difference!

  2. What a handsome little man. The firsts are so special, they go so fast. Have fun with your cute baby boy!