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Monday, May 3, 2010

My baby boy is getting big

Today Ashton reached an important milestone:  he rolled over from tummy to back!  I thought he had officially done it before (like a month ago) but it was from back to tummy on my bed.  He hadn't done it again since.  Ashton does not really like to lay on his tummy.  I have tried and tried with him but he proceeds to scream and cry.  I let him cry for a little while, but he doesn't stop until he is picked up or turned over on to his back.  Alan and I bought Ashton a special mat for tummy time.  This morning I laid him on it, he didn't like being on his tummy, so he rolled over on to his back.  I cheered so loud for him and told him he was such a big boy!  He beamed from ear to ear and giggled.  Ashton is trying new things like new toys, seeing new things, and trying new food.  Yesterday I fed Ashton some green beans.  You should have seen the faces he made.  I fed him green beans before and he LOVED them, but not yesterday.  Then I decided to mash up a banana and feed him that.  He really seemed to like eating a fresh banana.  I have also fed him sweet potatoes, peas, squash, peaches, and apple sauce.  He likes most of them depending on the brand.   I love my little guy.  He is a mellow, happy baby who loves to play and interact with others.  He is truly the sunshine in my life!