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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This year was my "first" mother's day.  Though I was a foster mom last year, it feels different this year having had a baby of my own.  I understand the bond that exists between a mother and her baby and know I would go to great lengths to protect, love, and nurture my little one.
As I think about my mom this mother's day, I cannot begin to express how much love and devotion I feel for her.  She is an amazing example to me of devotion, sacrifice, hard work, steadfastness, happiness, and love.  She taught me so much throughout my life and made sure that I had opportunities to develop talents and succeed.  She didn't have much in the way of possessions growing up and didn't get to experience the opportunities that so many people take for granted, but she made sure her children had an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of experiences.  Mom made sure to get us into music lessons, especially piano, and encouraged us to practice and share it with others.  My brother, sister, and I all play the piano and we each play a separate instrument.  Eric and Cyndi both play wood wind instruments so when it came my turn to choose and instrument, my mom asked me if I wanted to play the flute or the clarinet like my siblings.  I remember clearly telling my mom that I wanted to play the violin while we were at a Granite Youth Symphony concert for my brother.  A few weeks later mom and dad told me they were going to take me to look at violins but it wasn't likely that I would get one that day.  About an hour later, we walked out of Summerhaye's music with my first violin in tow.
My mom also made it a point to make sure we went on some sort of vacation each year.  Most times it wasn't anything fancy, just camping in our trailer at Bear Lake or a camp ground up one of the local canyons.  Some of my most favorite memories resulted from family vacations.
Mom has also been the foundation in my life.  Any time trouble or sadness arose in my life, mom was there to hug me and offer words of wisdom.  She has never let me down because she always seems to have the right answers.  I hope I can be the kind of mom my mom is to my little boy.  I hope he will look to me for wisdom, comfort, and love.  I hope his life will be as enjoyable as mine has been, all thanks to a loving mother.

This year I decided to write my mom a poem.

A Little Girl’s Dream
A little girl’s dream is to be a mother one day,
She puts on mom’s shoes, her dresses, and makeup in play.
She imitates mommy as she cradles her doll,
Singing a lullaby, “the cradle will fall.”
Her doll she will chastise when she has been naughty,
But praises her quickly for using the potty.
She reads her a story, her most favorite one,
And tells her she loves her more than anyone.
My mother is loving, faithful and strong,
Charitable, spiritual, with a heart full with song.
She showed me what it was like to be a great mother,
An example of love shown by no other.
She is my strength, my beacon of light,
I still seek for her wisdom, her compassion, and might.
Now I am a mom with a baby of my own,
A good example I want to be, like the mother I’ve known.
I will love him, protect him, and teach him what’s right.
I’ll kiss him, and cuddle, and rock him at night.
I’ll teach him patience, kindness, and love,
To kneel down at night and pray to Father above.
To be like my mom was my little girl dream.
I learned from her, copied her, no better mother I will ever deem.
I want you to know how much I love you.
I appreciate all that you were and are willing to do.
You mean so much to me and my little clan,
 And will follow your legacy the best that I can.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Ashton made me some beautiful artwork.  I received an imprint of his little hands and an adorable picture of him (Thanks Cyndi for helping Ashton.)  He also got me a card which made me tear up.

This picture was used to make both grandmas a work of art.  Ashton imprinted his feet into clay and gave them a picture.  The funny thing was my sister got the same kit I did to make me the hand impressions.  My niece Sydney knew all about it and was great at keeping it a secret.
Ashton is so lucky to have a wonderful grandma (my mom) who wants to babysit.  She and grandpa watch him 4 days a week while his mommy and daddy are at work.  We love grandma a lot!
For Mother's day, Alan gave me a beautiful card and a cake decorating kit that I really wanted.  He knows how much fun I've been having with cake decorating and wanted to get me something I'd enjoy.  He is a wonderful husband and father and I am so lucky to have him in my life.