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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lucky 13

Today marks my 13th wedding anniversary to my sweet husband Alan.  I think about all that has gone on in 13 years of marriage and how we still laugh and are great friends.   I met Alan through my dear friend Bridget.  She and Alan worked at Discover Card in collections and he asked her out.  They dated for a short time and went on some double dates with me and a guy I was seeing at the time.  I wasn't interested in the other guy and Bridget and Alan decided to just be friends.  He asked me out and we have been together ever since....... that was in August of 1995.

So many things have happened over the years, but here are the top 13:
1. I finished nursing school
2. We bought our first house, a townhouse in West Jordan.
3. Alan got an associates degree in computer networking.
4. We built our current home further west in West Jordan.
5. We got our dog Mandy.
6. I sell Mary Kay.
7. We've gone on 2 cruises..... one to Mexico the other to Hawaii.
8. We finished our basement.
9.  A good friend moved into our basement.
10. Attempted fertility treatments.
11. Did foster care for 8 months and had 3 adorable siblings live with us during that time.
12.  Magically got pregnant with our first baby.
13. Are enjoying our life with our sweet little Ashton and LOVE watching him grow and develop.

I am planning on spending many more happy and adventurous years with Alan.  I know we will grow closer and will be great parents to our little boy.  I hope that Heavenly Father will bless us with at least one more child, but I will leave that up to Him.