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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in Review

As you will notice, I changed the title of my blog.  Realistically, my home isn't always happy, but there is always something happening.  I try to be happy amidst everything that goes on, but sometimes I put on a happy face when what I really want to do is vent, be mad or frustrated, sad or depressed, or laugh at some of the dumb things I do.  I also want to share the fun and happy times too, but I have to be real and share my struggles in order for me to grow.  In sharing my struggles and achievements, I plan to take the Pollyanna approach and make myself put a positive twist on whatever I may talk about.  So now, on to my latest rantings.
WOW!  What a year 2010 turned out to be.  So many trials intertwined with blessings.  Looking back, I can't believe I started out the year as a new mom and Ashton was only a month old!  I spent the first couple of months of 2010 staying home with my baby while hooked up to a wound vac.  That was difficult when it happened but sure seems like old news now.  That ended up being a blessing by allowing me to be home until Ashton was 3 months old while getting paid the entire time.
Fortunately, life was uneventful for about 5 months while I adjusted to being a new mom.  Then came the beginning of June, the start of "criminal" activities for me.  Finally standing up to my mother-in-law ended up being detrimental to my clean criminal record.  An argument ensued between the two of us and ended with me receiving a citation from the Salt Lake City police for domestic violence and a few other charges.  June, July, August, and Septmeber were filled with attorneys, court hearings, fines, and an anger management class.  I learned through this whole event that it is better not to say anything and just walk away.  Fortunately this event opened Alan's eyes to how his mom treated me and how he never stood up for me.  Through months of counseling, Alan and I have learned how to manage his mom more effectively by taking the driver seat in the relationship (if this makes sense.)  Alan's mom and I have made amends and are kind to one another.  I definitely will not let myself make the same mistakes with her that I made in the past, but I have forgiven her for what she did and she has forgiven me (for now) for what I did.
In August I was in a car accident that totalled my 2002 Ford Escape.  I was within a mile from work on Vine Street and 300 West.  A lady in a Toyota Corolla ran the red light and broad sided my car.  Hers looked like a tin can that had been stepped on while mine looked like it would be all right.  Unfortunately, the front axel was totally broken and there was a lot of internal engine damage so it ended up being totalled.  However, I received nearly $9,000 for my nearly 9 year old car and went to buy my new car, a 2009 Ford Edge.  I love my new car.  It has black leather seats that have seat warmers in them and a DVD player in the back seat (these are my two favorite options.)  It is a very nice car and I love to drive it.
September was my saddest month.  My dad passed away on September 12th from a massive heart attack (we think.)  His passing shocked us all yet at the same time it wasn't too much of a surprise.  It shocked us all so much because it happened so quickly with no suffering involved.  He had been dealing with some chronic health issues for the past couple of years, but he seemed to be managing all right.  He wasn't able to walk as far as he once did because he got winded so easily, but somehow he managed to a few of the things he still loved to do.  Dad loved to watch sports and yell at the refs.  He loved to play electronic Yahtzee and solitaire on the computer.  He loved old war movies and westerns.  He loved to go grocery shopping and out to eat, but most of all, my dad loved to spend time with his family.  He was so excited whe he found out I was pregnant with Ashton and was one of the first people to see and hold Ashton after he was born.  He was so happy and proud to be a grandpa again.  Fortunately dad got to know Ashton for the first 9 months of his life.  Now Ashton is fortunate to have a grandpa who will be looking over him from heaven.  I have missed my dad's corny jokes, his laugh, his smile, teasing, childhood stories, work ethic, dedication, compassion, faith, love, and devotion to wife, family, God, and church.  I think about him every day and just wish I could hug him one more time.
October and November proved to be happier months.  Though dad was gone, I was able to enjoy Ashton's first Halloween and his first birthday.  Ashton was a monkey and Alan and I dressed up as bananas for Halloween.  Ashton didn't quite get the idea of holding his bucket out for candy, but we will se if he catches on next year. 
November was great.  My aunt Rinda and uncle Marv came into town for Thanksgiving.  It was great to see the two of them and have some laughs.  We also celebrated Ashton's first brithday around Thanksgiving.  We helped him open presents and baked him his own mini cake so he could tear into it.  He was a little timid at first to just dive into the cake, but after licking some of the frosting off one finger at a time, he realized it was cake and grabbed a large handful and shoved ti in his mouth.  He enjoyed the cake for a minute or two but was soon annoyed that there was cake sticking to his hands.  Once he was cleaned up, Ashton was a much happier one year old.
Finally December was upon us.  The first week and a half was filled with shopping and decorating followed by fevers and colds.  Ashton was a miserable little guy.  He was recovering from getting six immunizations, was getting his top two front teeth, and had bad cold on top of it.  Not too much later Alan and I were sick.  Of course as a mom I never get a sick day, I have to keep taking care of the little one as well as nursing my husband.  One Sunday, December 12th to be exact, I stayed home from church sick.  I wanted to finish decorating the Christmas tree, but Ashton wanted me to hold him.  While holding Ashton in my arms and decorating the tree, I tripped on my pants and fell to the floor while hitting my right shoulder on the wall.  I heard and felt my shoulder crunch, but was more worried about hurting Ashton.  Fortunately Ashton wasn't hurt, but I found out later in the Instacare that I had fractured the top of my humerus.  I wore a sling for two and a half weeks and began physical therapy on the 29th of December.  Wow! what a way to end an already eventful year.  I feel fortunate that my should wasn't hurt worse and that Ashton wasn't hurt in any way, but it really would have been nice for it not to have happened at all.
Well, GOODBYE 2010!!!  Hello to 2011!  I hope this year proves to be less eventful and more prosperous.  Best wishes to all of you who read these rantings, I hope you find them entertaining. 


  1. wow Kasi, it really is crazy that all of that happened in just one year!!! Good luck this year, glad you have been able to keep a positive outlook during it all :)

  2. Your year sounds a lot like ours....I'm so glad to be leaving 2010 behind! Lots of sadness, but also lots of blessings. Leaves me so grateful for the most important things in life!

  3. I am so glad that through all of the bad you had some very good as well! Love reading your blog! Even after so many years you still are such a wonderful and positive person!! I am so happy to be one of your friends!

  4. What an eventful year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2011!