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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Naughty Nubby

This morning, while I was changing Ashton's diaper, my dog Mandy stole a chocolate cupcake off the kitchen counter and made a crummy mess all over the floor.  She must have eaten the cupcake paper because there was no sign of it anywhere.  Nubby (the nickname we gave her due to her nubby tail) has been quite naughty lately.  It seems to me she is feeling a little attention deprived since Ashton was born.  She tries to get our attention by stealing Ashton's toys and pacifiers, getting things off the kitchen counter, pawing at us, barking at things she wants that she can't reach, and a few other things.  Mandy was our only "child" and main focus for 6 years and now must compete with our 5 month old boy.  I make an effort to play with her every day, pet her, and give her treats, but I must admit she isn't my priority right now.  She is not a bad dog by any means, but a very sweet, lovable, playful Cocker Spaniel who is ready and willing to make friends with everyone and anyone who passes by.  She is so sweet to Ashton and gives him "drive-by" licks on top of his head and doesn't get angry when Ashton reaches up and pulls her fur.  She loves to snuggle and give big kisses, loves to play fetch, go for rides in the car, go to grandma and grandpa's house, but she especially loves to go for walks. Somehow I need to make sure I find more time for her, to take her on those walks.  As for the jumping up to steal things off the kitchen counter, I need to find a way to get her to stop.  I guess finding a dog trainer is in order.  No matter what, I love my Nubby puppy and enjoy having her in my life.

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